Teachers Unions Do NOT Have The Unanimous Support of Parents

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As a parent I am frustrated listening to the teachers unions suggest that they have my support. In general, I support the individual teachers who work very hard and have challenging jobs. I do not dispute this in the least.

I do NOT, however, support the position of the teachers unions. While teachers have challenging jobs, so do we all.  The key difference being that the vast majority of Ontario taxpayers, those that are paying the bills, do not have the following: defined benefit pensions that are indexed to inflation and guaranteed by taxpayers, summers off, extensive benefits packages and average base salaries that are (conservatively) more than 1.5 times higher than those of the average Ontario taxpayer.

Teachers unions have successfully convinced many of their members that they are not fairly compensated for the work that they do.  It is simply not accurate.

The Parents who support this petition wish to make it clear that we consider it unacceptable to hold students and parents hostage by withholding services (via full strike or work to rule).  We do not consider report cards, standardized testing, extra curricular activities including field trips and sports teams, or the distribution of letters and memos from the school and board, to be outside of a teacher's standard job duties.  They are all core components of our children's education. We also take exception to the repeated suggestion that the unions are doing this to protect the students. To suggest that work to rule and/or strikes are anything other than self serving is, in our opinion, transparently disingenuous.

The historical silence by many parents on this topic stems from two key factors. The first is out of respect for the individual teachers in the classroom and their hard work that is recognized and appreciated.  The second is fear of reprisal against our children if we speak out.

I ask all parents, both those who have children in the Ontario school system, and those whose children have already graduated but spent years experiencing the same frustrations, to sign this petition and let the teachers unions and the Ontario government know that the silent majority wishes to be heard this time around. The unions and their members are professionally organized and vocal.  If parents and taxpayers do not stand up then we are doing a disservice to current and future generations of children and to all of the taxpayers in Ontario.

Please support this petition if you agree with the above.