More Mental Health Education In Schools

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Mental illness affects people of all ages, genders and cultures but recently, studies show that youth are the highest risk populations for suicide. Mental illness is increasingly threatening the lives of children; with Canada’s youth suicide rate the third highest in the industrialized world. Children are not being given the support that they need; not only because it isn't provided enough or easily obtainable but also because they don't know where to start on looking for it. 

In schools we are taught ample information on what considers us "healthy human-beings" such as how much we should be exercising, what we should be/shouldn't be eating, our many food groups etc and although that information is important, the curriculum is heavily focused on Health and Physical Education rather than worrying about mental health issues among their own students. 

Teaching children on mental health would be beneficial not only to themselves but for peers and families as well. Children could learn how to cope with stress and understand what really is a mental illness, ways to handle mental illnesses and where to find help. They could then take this information and apply their knowledge to the world by helping friends, family members or themselves deal with the struggles that they are facing with mental illness.

Personally, I believe we need more mental health education in our school curriculum as I have been in the position of needing that kind of support and watched many of my peers go through it as well. I took it upon myself to search and find the information and help that I needed and once I did, I felt so much better being able to see that what I was feeling wasn't rare and infact was pretty common. I want this information to be taught to students incase they won't or can't put in the extra time to find this information and help services out themselves and result to suicide as their only option. I want them to learn that they aren't alone and that mental illness is something many people are struggling with and many people can and will help you manage it hopefully even overcome it.

That is why I created this petition to spread awareness on the issue and bring together people who agree that more mental health education should be implemented in our school curriculum. That youth deserve more learning in a topic that is so crucial to know about in our world and that everyone knows they have so many people that will support them through their tough times.