Having ODSP/OW Cover People's Medical Marijuana!

Having ODSP/OW Cover People's Medical Marijuana!

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Medical Marijuana! There are many people in Ontario like myself that are on ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program) and OW (Ontario Works) that use Medical Marijuana daily instead of pumping their bodies full of harmful drugs like Adderall, Abilify, Effexor, Strattera, along with way too many to list! For those who are on ODSP/OW who have their medical license to smoke should not have to pay for their medicine! ODSP/OW cover all our other meds but they currently do not cover our medical marijuana! Which they should! There should be no excuses on why they shouldn't! There are so many pros (a lot more pros then the crap we will our bodies with)...

I am going to list pros Medical Marijuana!

The Pros
The legalization of marijuana for medical reasons is viewed favorably by many Americans, including members of the medical community and Congress. Some of the arguments for medical marijuana include:
Marijuana is effective in relieving nausea and vomiting. Studies have shown that pharmaceutical cannabis can decrease nausea caused by chemotherapy used to treat cancer and almost completely eliminate vomiting.
Marijuana can relieve the spasticity of the muscles that is sometimes associated with multiple sclerosis and paralysis.
Marijuana can help treat appetite loss associated with conditions such as HIV/AIDS and certain types of cancers.
Marijuana can relieve certain types of chronic pain, including neuropathic pain.
Marijuana is safer than some other medications prescribed to treat the same symptoms. For example, it may be used instead of opioids for pain management. Opioids are highly addictive and are typically not recommended for long-term use in treating chronic pain.
Studies show that smoking marijuana alone (without the concurrent use of tobacco) does not increase the risk of lung diseases.
Cannabis does not need to be smoked to be medically beneficial. Products such as cannabidiol (CBD) oils, topical pain relief treatments, edibles, and other non-smoking applications are now available. 
As research continues, more of the individual compounds in cannabis are being found to be beneficial. When isolated—such as CBD has been—these may lead to further advancements in medical treatment options without the "high" produced by the compound commonly known as THC.
Marijuana has been used for centuries as a natural medicinal agent to good effect.