Get Mixed Doubles Back to U21 Curling in Ontario!

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Recently, the Ontario Curling Association has announced that there will be no CurlOn U21 Mixed Doubles next season as the schedule is "far too swamped". This is not fair to up and coming junior curlers in Ontario, the future of our sport. 

This decision from CurlOn does takes away the opportunity for 20 young, up and coming junior curlers to participate in a provincial event solely because an extra event will be added every two years. For successful U21 teams, a season concludes in December with only one male and one female team continuing to represent Ontario at Nationals. Those teams that are not successful in qualifying for provincials have their season come to an end in early November. This means that after Christmas, there are no CurlOn designated events for curlers ages 18-21.

How are we supposed to continue developing our skills and loving the game if there is nowhere for us to play at a provincial level after December? U21 mixed doubles is a chance for our juniors to begin to learn and play the newest format of curling and should not be taken away from us. Show your support of bringing U21 mixed doubles back next season by signing this petition and showing CurlOn that we do not support them taking an event out of our season.