AT LEAST 12 months jail time for man who molested 9 year old

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Francesco Colocho-Romero has only received 12 months of house arrest for molesting a 9 year old girl. He stated that though he is not sexually attracted to children, that night he “threw age out the window” in order to meet a woman. I guess by woman he meant a nine year old. Romero also admitted that he “holds sexual gratification in high regard”, is sexually impulsive, and has had alarming thoughts in the past. The psychiatric exam also labeled him moderately high to reoffend. Romero stopped the little girl on her bike pretending to ask for help to find his dog. The girl was then molested.

Since the attack she has not hugged older men even her grandfather and she is no longer comfortable around male teachers, misses a lot of school and will not even let her mom see her change any more. This will scar her for the rest of her life with the worst of the damage probably appearing later on. This is disgusting and Romero should be serving AT LEAST 12 months jail time. Instead he has received only 12 months house arrest and his name only on the sexual offender list till he’s 35 (10 years). Why are minor drug dealers handed lengthy sentences but rapists and pedophiles get out early or get house arrest. What about our children? This man is a threat to the children in our community.