Stop the Ontario Court Of Appeal from using Intoxication as an Excuse for Sexual Assault

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An Update

Hello everyone! I'm glad you're all passionate about helping victims of sexual assault. There's been overwhelming support with helping all victims in the comments and the sharing of this post. I would like to apologize for the amount of misinformation going around.  The media has done a great disservice in sensationalizing such an important, personal topic by putting headlines which don't reflect the nature of the ruling; and I myself have done a disservice as well.  I read the headline, read some articles, talked to people about the ruling, and quickly made a petition because I was so disgusted.  I misunderstood the ruling because from the articles I have read, which should not have happened.  I am sorry for acting quickly instead of logically.  As awful as that seems, this is good news!  This ruling will only rarely impact sexual assault cases in the cases where a perpetrator is in a psychotic state and is physically unable to control their actions.  This defence will be extremely hard to prove and would need a medical expert to testify.   A director with the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, Cara Zwibel, says, " I don't see it as seriously undermining the rights of victims.  This is a rarely used provision; it's not this widespread, systemic concern.".   The ruling also states that just because the person is acquitted of the crime doesn't diminish the victimhood of the one who was harmed.

noah sparrow
2 years ago