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Students demand exact date of when semester can be lost due to Ontario college strike

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Ontarios 24 public colleges have been on a provincial wide strike since October 16th, 2017. 

Currently, OPSEU states they are holding a forced vote November 14th-16th, and hope students return back to classes November 20th, 2017. 

OPSEU, and our college administration are not planning for the worst case scenario. When asked about the final day for a semester to be lost, administration avoids the question. They are living in a world of nothing but hope, while students have a constant dark cloud over their heads.

There are approximately 235,000 full-time and over 300,000 part-time students enrolled within the 24 Ontario colleges. We deserve a right to be informed of when we may lose our semesters, so we can:

  • Plan to apply to another education facility, or find a job in a field we are already educated in.
  • Drop out, or seek our money back if need be.
  • If paying rent in the city/town our college is located, make plans to move back home where room and board may be cheaper.
  • Find a part or full time job to cover living expenses. Many students do not work during school.
  • Mature students may go back to working full time, to support themselves or their families.
  • If a student has children, they may wish to take their child out of daycare. It costs hundreds of dollars to keep their child in a day care while the child is most likely sitting at home with their parent right now.
  • International students may wish to move back home, they are only able to work part time to cover living expenses. It costs money to buy plane/bus tickets.
  • Simply to know. We have a right to know what is happening with our education. We pay for a service in which we are not receiving.

We students WANT to be in school. Learning, growing, and achieving our goals. What we also want is to be informed of what is happening with the future we are paying for. 


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