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Ontario Colleges faculty get back to class please!

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Today Thursday November 16th, 86% of Ontario Colleges Faculty voted NO to end the strike. It's been 5 weeks since the strike has begun and during this period of time, professors have been saying here and there "how sorry they were with the students" or maybe"how bad they feel for being forced to go into this strike". Well, they had the chance to probe they were being honest with us and vote YES and get back to class ASAP. Instead, they prefer to go the extra mile and kill the only chance we had to go back into our class room.
Please, to my fellow classmates and college students, STOP asking for tuition refunds, STOP planning class actions. Let's get united and ask to go back to class, that's the only thing should matter to us nowadays. We signed a contract with the college accepting the current conditions, not the spoiled faculty union's conditions. Nobody send me a letter they were planning a strike if the college won't accept their conditions along with my Letter of Acceptance.
Myself, as a lot of people I know, had to resign our jobs to get good grades and follow the lectures, we made a commitment with the college and our professors, the college is following the commitment, maybe not ideal or maybe has a lot of errors and weaknesses, but we didn't enroll to change the way the faculty interact with the college. Why the faculty then, have us as hostages and using us as a flag. We don't care about your contract or your salary raise, don't use us, come back to class and solve your issues internally with the college, maybe they are fair enough for you, but as you don't care about my time, plans and education, We don't care about your salary, contract and raise.
Stop with the strike, the refund demands and class actions. Stop trying to find guilt somewhere. Get back to class and find a solution on your demands without hostages.
We respect you because of your knowledge, your experience, your guidance, your teaching. Please respect us.

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