Job Security for Contract Faculty: Make the Partial Load Registry Transparent!

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The majority of faculty teaching in Ontario community colleges have temporary, four-month contracts and do not receive pay or benefits equal to full-time faculty—even though they do the same job.  A positive step toward addressing the precarious conditions of partial-load faculty was realized in a favourable arbitration award following the 2017 strike by college faculty.
For the first time, the current collective agreement recognizes previous service by partial-load faculty in consideration of their eligibility to teach partial-load courses. The colleges are now required to ensure that partial-load faculty with the most seniority be offered such courses as long as they don't exceed 12 hours per week. This historical development is a first step toward real job security.
The agreement states in Article 26,  “the college will keep a record of the courses that the employee has taught and the departments/schools where the partial-load employee has taught such courses.” This record is referred to as the Partial-Load Registry. The partial load registry is the only resource available to the colleges, partial-load faculty, and unions, to accurately and transparently determine the seniority of partial load faculty.
However, the Partial-Load Registry has not been made available at all colleges to faculty or to the union. Without access to the Partial-load registry, neither the faculty member nor the union (OPSEU) representing them can determine whether a fair hiring process is being followed.Additionally, many colleges are not applying the Registry appropriately so that partial load members get their full job security rights.
This lack of transparency is unfair and ultimately undermines the ability of partial-load faculty to ensure this minimal gain in job security.
We, the undersigned, call on all Ontario community colleges to make an accurate Partial-Load Registry available to ALL faculty union locals and to ALL registered faculty.

Original signatories:

Pam Johnson, Faculty, Humber College
Corinne Abba, Librarian, George Brown College
Aparna Halpe, Faculty, Centennial College
Chris Brown, Faculty, Centennial College
Anna Ainsworth, Faculty, Seneca College
Jeff Brown, Faculty, George Brown College
Joanna Friend, Faculty, George Brown College
Patricia Steger, Faculty, Centennial College
Des McCarville, Faculty, Humber College
Urszula Kosecka, Faculty, Humber College
Sylcia Ciuciura, Faculty, Humber College
Chandra Hodgson, Faculty, Humber College
Rena Borovilos, Faculty, Humber College
Bob Bolf, Faculty, Humber College
Tanya d’Anger, Faculty, Humber College
Shivon Raghunandolan, Faculty/counsellor, Humber College