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Fair Job Wages for ECE

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  ECE's are undervalued for various reasons. Unfortunately, many perceive ECE’s as baby sitters with minimal skills required to perform their duties. It would appear that a large portion of society perceive the basic ECE worker as that of a young uneducated girl that is there to watch their children, make sure they don’t hurt themselves, perhaps read a story or play some games and at some point during the day, some noses and diapers are cleaned before they all get to relax and put their feet up while the children are napping. To further fan the flames of this misperception is the fact that ECE’s are in fact women. With this, the usual stereotype is brought to mind that this is what females are supposed to be good at, caring for children.  As a result of these negative perceptions only minimal wages are given to this crucial role in a child’s development.  

Please take a moment to acknowledge and support this issue and help ECE'S get the recognition and appreciation we deserve!

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