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WSIB criminal treatment of injured workers must stop.

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Hi my name is MIke Cushman. 4 years ago I was injured. Crushed by 10,000 pounds of steel.I am still in major discovery on my injury, yet have already been forced back to work by this system. In my opinion they have damaged me more.So There are many human rights issues that need to be addressed and I believe for ALL on this system. We the injured workers are all treated the same way on this system. We are all fakers. You don't like it file an appeal.

Financial deprivation, bullying,changing of wording on injuries,pathetic NELs, age discrimination, treating you like a faker is defamation of character, breach of trust, these are all issues they are guilty of and then some. We the injured workers need a class action law suite and to call arms the need for recognition nation wide of what they are doing to us. If it is not bad enough I am watching the news and seeing they are doing it to our military now.

WOW a failed system designed to financially starve you to force you back to work no matter what it is doing to the worker. Quality of life and pain factor are thrown out the window and we are left having to fight for everything. If that is not bad enough when you receive your severance package, you lose your representation when you are no wheres near finishing this.

Everyone knows that injured workers are being abused yet no-one seems to help. The system is being allowed to brag about their achievements where the injured workers are left with the chronic pain ,and destruction of their life. they talk about their stake holders and I would like to know what the injured worker is a liability? Get back to work> That is it, the practice has intimidated the medical community, which cannot be bothered fight with WSIB for every sentence they write, they have 5000 patients and do not have the time. Some are on their payroll, and the pain clinics are a joke it is all in your head. You are a faker. When they do not follow doctor's and psychologists orders what can we do?

4 years have passed for me and I have been forced to school, changed jobs now have a 13 dollar an hour job that treats people like crap, night audit at a hotel. now they have found I have spinal cord damage and I have been hurting myself more all this time. I need help and we all need class action to take place. Who is the best humane rights lawyer in Canada, or Ontario. Who is the best injury lawyer? I am told that worker advisors are good for WSIB is that true or should I get really good lawyer and go for it all? I feel that we all need to pool together get media involved and fight with money they are making off injured workers. Do you know how many people are going on sick pay for work related injuries so they can heal properly? This is so dumb and blatant I cannot believe it is legal. That is right it really is not but it is being allowed. Under the guise of insurance which allows them to base their non Economic Loss on age, to pay less, the older you are, which is age discrimination. but alas ,because they are an insurance company they RE EXEMPT FROM AGE DISCRIMINATION. so THE GOVERNING BODY IN CHARGE OF BACK TO WORK LEGISLATION THAT IS SO OVER DONE IT IS REVERSE DISCRIMINATION AGAINST THE DISABLED INJURED WORKER. WHICH THEY DO NOT RECOGNIZE AS DISABLED AND ONLY TRY WORK HARDENING PRACTICES TO GET YOU TO CAVE IN AND GET BACK TO WORK. WE NEED HELP IN A BIG WAY WHERE OUR GOVERNMENT WILL GO AND PREACH DISCRIMINATION AGAINST EVERYTHING, BUT IF YOU GET INJURED ON THE JOB YOU ARE A CRIMINAL. HELP, OR CAN I HELP LETS ROCK THIS HOUSE PLEASE. WE NEED MEDIA AND GOVERNMENT TO OPEN THEIR EYES ON WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THE INJURED WORKERS. IF YOU ARE INJURED OR KNOW SOMEONE THAT IS AND HAVE BEEN DECIMATED BY THIS wsib SYSTEM LETS SIGN A PETITION TO GET NAMES TOGETHER FOR A CLASS ACTION LAW SUITE AND GET IT BROUGHT TO ALL GOVERNMENTS FOR A SYSTEM THAT WILL STOP TREATING EVERYTONE LIKE FAKERS AND HAVE A FAIR SYSTEM TO HELP INJURED WORKERS.

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