Ensure Doug Ford is not re-elected in 2022 - Commit to voting Ford out!

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Doug Ford has already launched his re-election campaign for 2022. As someone who has been dragged through "FordNation" over the past two years, I cannot allow this to happen again.

In 2018, out of the 10 million eligible voters, 23.5% voted Conservative and handed Doug Ford a majority government. They handed a government with no platform the power to do anything they want! I mean… they can’t even get license plates right! Low voter turnout equals Conservatives succeeding and Ontario failing. I cannot stress how important and powerful your vote is.

Please join me in my ensure-Doug-Ford-is-not-re-elected campaign and commit to voting against Doug Ford in 2022! Sign your name in my petition, share this with your friends and family, and use the hashtag #VoteFordOut2022. Let’s get the word out now. Why not? Ford is campaigning two years ahead of the election, so we will too.