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Lets stop ROBLOX from being an idiot.

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ROBLOX is a game that started in I have no idea. In 2015 it all of a sudden became really popular. It is amazing, it became one of the most popular games. That is because it was like a lego version of Minecraft, but it was more of a map server game, and you can build it, which made a lot of people attract to it.

However, in March 2016, ROBLOX removed Tix/Tickets. You got 10 for every once and a while you played. And every 20 or 10 you can trade for robux. But they decided to remove it, and I just... I hated it so much I FORGOT why they did it, but we all assume it is for one thing: So they can get money. money. Just to get SOME GOD DAMN MONEY.

This was tuff. Now you can only get ROBUX with money, but its annoying. There was really little ways to get robux. The pain continued through 2016, but was sucked was-They were raising the prices of ROBUX, while creators were doing ROBUX Sales and well, not helping at all. They only made them more expensive. Wow, good job Cindering.

In 2017 THEY CHANGED THEIR LOGO, and now it looks like A CHEEZ-IT. What was worse was that hackers started making websites and making fake robux scams, which made Cindering try his best to stop everyone.

ROBLOX is doing bad. They are being horrible. They all want money. Just money. They were PERFECT with Tix and they just... Its insane! If you cant pay your workers, fire them! God dammit jesus. Their new logo, maybe they hired more workers which is why they removed tix and they needed money for them, and made a CRAPPY BAD LOGO LIKE A GOD DAMN CHEEZ-IT. For shits sake, they just raise Robux and Builders Club prices.

By signing this petition, you agree to STOP ROBLOX FROM BEING A GOD DAMN TEAM OF A BITCH.

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