Fees hike @ DMWA Airoli, Navi Mumbai

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It is the right of all citizen to acquire education under RTE act. We as parents are penilalized by the school authorities every year where the school fees is hiked by x% which the schools are denying to share. We understand it is their right to increase the fees but 16% or 20% is an unacceptable figure. 2%-3% is something which parents can bear.. This will also bring confidence in the parents and will help them to save more for their child's future and for themselves. Right now we end up in filling big pockets of the school authorities in terms of profits. A school is not a profit making system but due to the aforesaid task they are becoming one. We have to stop them and this indeed will attract teachers who are keen in becoming ones, rather big salaries and a govt working culture or a secondary tax free income by tuitions.