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Petitioning ICE Phoenix Advocate Eduardo Preciado and 3 others

Only 2 DAYS LEFT: CALL ICE to stop Raul Leon Mejia's Deportation!

Raul he is seeking prosecutorial discretion from ICE so that he is not deported and that he continues to be the sole support for his son

Call ICE now to ask for prosecutorial discretion for Raul Leon Mejia (A#077-140-004):

Call Andrew Lorenzen Strait at ICE Headquaters 202-732-3000 Call Assistant Field Office John M. Gurule: 602-766-7030   “Hello my name is _____ and I am calling to please ask [Name of person & title Andrew/Jon] to grant prosecutorial discretion to Raul Leon Mejia (A#077-140-004). Raul is a loving father of a 9-year-old U.S. citizen. He has no criminal record and is a valued member of the Mesa community in Arizona. He deserves to watch his son grow and go to school. Please exercise discretion and stop Raul’s deportation, thank you!”


Raul, a single father, is scheduled to be separated from his 9-year-old son and deported on Friday, September 20th, 2013! 

You can help keep Raul with his son.

Raul is a loving single-father of a 9-year-old U.S. Citizen. He has lived in the Arizona since 1997. He has worked really hard all of these years to see his son go to school. Raul's dream is to see his son go to college. 

In 2008, on a workday, Raul was a passenger in a mini bus that they use for work and got pulled over. He was arrested for not being able to give a valid I.D. He has no criminal record, and his only family in the U.S. is his son.


Letter to
ICE Phoenix Advocate Eduardo Preciado
Chief of Staff to the Public Advocate for ICE Melissa Jaramillo
ICE Phoenix Director Jon Gurule
and 1 other
Deputy Assistant Director ICE-ERO, Community Outreach Andrew Lorenzen-Strait
Dear Jon Gurule,

Please stop the deportation of our friend and community member, RAUL LEON MEJIA A#077140004. In a recent memo ICE indicated that parents of U.S. born minors should not be deported. We ask that you implement this policy change and let Raul stay with his 9 year old son who really needs him. Raul is a single father and came to this country at the age of 15 in 1997. In 2008 he was stopped by a sheriff as a passenger and sent to ICE even though he had no criminal record.

We ask you to close Raul's case before his voluntary departure is due o September 20. Little Raul deserves the chance to grow up in the country where he was born and have his father on his side.

Raul is very involved in his community, received his GED and continued his adult education. He is also a hard working landscaper who works tirelessly to give his son the best life possible.

Thank you for your attention and we hope that you make the right decision.

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