Online studio solution to delayed Chinese students due to COVID shut-down

Online studio solution to delayed Chinese students due to COVID shut-down

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Miaoxin Wang started this petition

We, a group of incoming international Chinese students at Columbia GSAPP department, are writing this letter to express our concerns about the interfered F-1 visa application due to COVID in Shanghai, for which we will not be able to arrive in the United States on time for the summer semester starting 5.31.

As non-immigrant visa applicants, most of us are required attended an in-person interview in order to acquire the visa. However, due to the soaring COVID infection cases in Shanghai, many of us are experiencing a full stay-at-home mandate. Furthermore, the local United States Embassy has been shut down and open only for emergency. Now desperate, we are not able to proceed with our visa applications due to all aforementioned reasons. As the deadline for accepting our offers approach, some of us are not able to make the final decision because of all the uncertainties.

 We are asking GSAPP department to take consideration of this emergency because we all value the education at Columbia University. It is to both sides’ benefits of the school could respond to our frustration and concerns in order to move forward. 


  1. For the affected students who have not accepted the offer, as the deadline approaches, we need an assurance from the school that it is aware of our situations and is going to work out a solution. 

  2. For the affected students who already accepted the offer, our proposal to GSAPP is an addition of online studio section for the international students who could be experiencing similar issues. 

We understand that it will take some steps to establish the full solution because the school has planned to go on full in-person for the school year. However, we genuinely hope our voices could be heard and needs considered. 

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14 have signed. Let’s get to 25!