9 May 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Student union

As everyone knows most of our syllabus has been covered online mode and so students were unable to understand most of the part and there was this covid situation going on due to which many were facing problems so there were many reasons to why most of us were not able to understand the syllabus.

Plus as the most of syllabus was covered in the online mode

So the exams as well should be in the online mode because even in offline mode many were not present as they were in their home towns and many were facing issues due to covid so most of us were not able to get the offline classes as well there is another point we would like to add which is the notice opening of college was given just at random and there was so period given so one could get his or her tickets or could get things lined up for shifting to Delhi from their home town to come to the university

Moreover, Ramzan was going on during April so it was one of the major reasons

Many of us could not attend the classes and also the classes were not regular

Also, we would like to request that please as we all can see that recent the covid cases are rising again so it's very unsafe for us and even for our teachers, staff and our classmates

That the infection can be spread easily without anyone knowing

Also, we don't want to take any risk of us transmitting any infection to our staff and our teachers (hard-working) and even to our classmates and to even our self

So it is our request with folded hands to please

Conduct the sem exams In online mode

Also, the semester is only 3 months

When in fact it must be of at least 5-month classes and 1-month exam

We dint get any preparatory leave as well

Teachers are completing the syllabus till the last date of the exam and even some ll take classes during the exam

And we are still getting assignments every day when ll we get time to study?


Thanking you 


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Signatures: 219Next Goal: 500
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