Get Anna a date on Thursday

Get Anna a date on Thursday

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Started by Anna Branquinho

Dear Reader,

I really want to go on a date on Thursday.

A harsh reality: the online dating scene that is, quite frankly, abysmal. Singles sit for days (weeks, months, years) swiping frantically, with the best case outcome scenario of a couple of "hey's", maybe some "see you then" and a whole lot of what-ifs and guessing games that rarely leads to meeting the other person in REAL-LIFE.

Then, there it was: Thursday.

I heard about Thursday the same way 90% of you have heard about Thursday: on LinkedIn. There was some wild intern doing crazy stunts to inject a little enthusiasm into the dog show that is online dating.

Long story, short: it actually worked. Post(s) went viral, people fell in love with Thursday for its authenticity, and single's everywhere were finally genuinely excited about the prospect of dating.

Their mission was simple: Make Thursdays the best day of the week for singles. Match, message and meet with someone in 24 hours (once a week) or risk losing them forever.

It was a bit dramatic, but it was exactly what we needed in the dating world. I wanted IN.

However, I live in South Africa, and Thursday is only operating in NYC and London (for now). This fact broke my heart, and the hearts of thousands of other lonely singles.

In my desperate state, I wrote Thursday a letter:
Dear Thursday,
Please relocate me to London/NYC so that I can actually use Thursday and stop having #FOMO all the way down in South Africa.
Sincerely, Frustrated

And what do you know: good ol' Thursday responded:
"Get me 5,000 signatures and I'll consider it x."

So here I am: Petitioning for your signature, and your vote. I'm petitioning the ones who believe in love at first swipe, the one's that maaaybe do, and the ones that don't. I'm petitioning the dreamers. I'm petitioning the optimists and I'm daring the cynics.

Maybe I'll make it to Thursday, maybe I won't. Maybe I'll get 5,000 signatures, maybe I won't. This may be a massive tragedy or an epic love story: who knows.
But what I do know, is that I would be boring (and downright stupid) not to try.

I really want to go on a date on Thursday: let's make it happen?



347 have signed. Let’s get to 500!