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Take down "10 Reasons to Stop Cutting"

The video this user posted not only portrays a completely inaccurate view of something plaguing people today--self-harm--but it also erases all the strides people in the mental health community have made to try to make people understand what makes a person want to hurt him or herself. Uploaded on National Self-Harm Awareness day nonetheless, this video is the most blatantly abhorrent, detestable, and sickening clip I have seen all year. Self-harm is an extremely stereotyped behavior used as a coping mechanism. It definitely is not the right answer, but it's one chosen by millions of people--millions of people who deserve to be heard, not made a mockery of.

"10 Reasons to Stop Cutting" only enhances the stereotypes held against those who self-harm, and it needs to stop. It's misinforming thousands of people with every click, and enraging many more. We urge you to take it down and strongly consider the idea of researching something you don't know about before posting a hateful video about it, however inadvertently it might have been.

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  • 2013

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