Stop our government from removing classroom caps

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For parents who care about the education of our young students.

as of January 23 2019, talks have begun on removing class cap sizes on our primary and kindergarten grades. Currently a hard cap of 29 in kindergarten and 23 for primary classes.

already our education system is failing due to oversized classrooms and lack of teacher support in regards to inclusion and special needs. 

This is a very real concern for parents who truly care about the education of these young minds. Yes, we can increase class sizes and yes it will save money ( your class of 29 slowly turns to 38 to save on 1 teachers wage) but at what cost? The cost of our students education!

Are you a parent who wants more of a daycare mentality within our education system or would you prefer to have your child educated?.

the ONLY PERSON SUFFERING from these already high caps are the students!

sign this petition NOW and let the voice of the parents for an education be heard.