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The City of Sheboygan want to change the One Way Street of South Water Street and New Jersey Ave. to a Two Way Street and we need your help to try and stop this.

The only reason the City wants to do this is so that the New 91 unit Luxury apartments being built on 8th Street between Virginia and New Jersey is so tenants will have more access to their underground parking.

Reasons this is not a good idea:

1 - This change will make it harder for parents to pick up students and make an already unsafe area more unsafe for crossing the streets. 

2 - The street is not wide enough to handle two way parking and traffic and will cause traffic jams and accidents due to people already not stopping at any of the stop signs.

3 - It will affect the Church on Sunday and other Church events like Funerals.

4 - This will create a short cut for drivers to bypass downtown costing businesses money in a downtown market that is struggling as it is.

5 - Emergency series such as fire and police will have issues getting down the street. This street is not that wide and could cost someone their life or home.

6 - Currently if your in the area around 8 am and 3 pm the streets are filled with parked cars and traffic but the one way street helps the flow of traffic work, a two way will not.

7- This is a Snow Route, In winter this road gets smaller due to the plowing. Right now in winter it is almost impossible to get down the street being a one way.

8 - Also at bar time this is used by many as a short cut to get from the northside to the southside as a one way but if made a two way it will increase the amount of people driving down this street to avoid police.

9 - The cost to convert a oneway street to a two way street can be around $150,000 which is our tax money being spent on something we do not need.

This apartment building went from being 48 units to now 91 units with the city selling the lot to the developer for $10 dollar along with the city giving them a $1.77 million in tax credits. Why should the home owners, church, school and the students have to suffer to accommodate a "Luxury" apartment complex?

Please help us and sign this petition. Thank You

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