Petition Closed

The slaughter is cruel and inhumane. To protect Cetaceans and Oceans for future generations.  Please show you care by signing the petition.  Thank you.

Letter to
Prime Minister Japanese Government Mr Yoshihiko Noda
Minister of Fisheries Japanese Government Mr Yoichi Tani
London Ambassador Mr Hiroki Fuji
We as peace loving citizens of this planet come together as One Voice and ask Japan to stop the cruel and inhumane slaughter of Cetaceans.

We detest the suffering and cruelty that is inflicted on intelligent creatures who like ourselves have close family bonds. We invite Japan to show that they care for the well being of the Earths Oceanic ecosystems and agree to stop the slaughter in order to protect these creatures and the Oceans for future generations.

Until you do, I will stop buying anything that comes from Japan and will not travel to your country.