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Stop Misguided Vegan Activists from Harassing New Mom Who Runs Sustainable Living School

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Stop Misguided Vegans from Attacking Wild Abundance!

Wild Abundance, a primitive skills and permaculture school near Asheville, NC, has recently come under attack and is facing a fierce campaign of harassment from a well-intentioned but misguided extremist vegan animal rights organization. The professional activist non-profit corporation that is attacking them is called One Protest, and this is a sad example of how a large national organization can pull together lots of resources to mislead the public in an attempt to “make an example” out of a small-scale, local educational business. One Protest is not a grassroots organization (they are a professional organization that does “protest and graphic design consulting”), and they have been bullying a mother (Natalie Bogwalker) with a 3-week old newborn baby to cancel her Cycles of Life Class on Humane Slaughtering & Butchering.

They have been organizing people to aggressively call Natalie during all hours of the day while she attempts to rest with her newborn baby. One angry vegan activist from the UK even threatened to slit the throat of a Wild Abundance instructor. The organization has made vague threats about having “a multi-pronged outreach and protest campaign” and it is concerning that they might attempt to organize people to show up and harass our community and class programs.  On the website that they have created to attack Wild Abundance they make false claims, putting words in our mouths, attempting to use our statements to illustrate pro-vegan arguments. Their tactics are dishonest and bullying! We are not interested in arguing matters of dietary preference or personal opinion with them. This is not how we create a more sustainable and just future!

What We Do At Wild Abundance

Wild Abundance is a woman-founded and led school. It is a rural Appalachian business that provides jobs to our local community, and empowers class participants with the inspiration and skills it takes to break free from the industrial corporate model of living that has had such a destructive effect on human culture and our planet. The mission of Wild Abundance “is to empower people to live with profound knowledge, respect, and appreciation for nature’s abundance by offering classes that teach sustainable living skills.”

Wild Abundance offers a variety of programs on how to grow the resilient land-based communities we know is possible deep in our ancestral hearts. Our classes focus on empowering women to learn carpentry and natural building, connecting folks to a more holistic approach of living in Appalachia through wild-crafting, gardening, cooking, and permaculture. Other classes, for those who choose to use animal products, connect students with deep ancestral lifeways like hide-tanning, and the sacred process of taking animal life to provide meat for one’s family and community. 

The classes at Wild Abundance are open to everyone! Some of them focus specifically on empowering women and trans-folks. Our programs have given scholarships to teenagers of single moms and low-income participants. Our classes aim to be racially diverse and culturally sensitive. We actively support local environmental campaigns like Friends of Big Ivy, and actively support the Standing Rock campaign against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Our classes attempt to reach out to our old-timey neighbors and build cultural bridges! And, of course, we appreciate and accommodate vegetarians and vegans when they are here!     

We Need Your Support

We are real people building real community, sharing real skills, and an example of what any reasonable progressive-minded person would want to see in the world. We do not deserve to be attacked and harassed by an extremist vegan faction of the professional political industrial complex! There are more sensible places for them to focus their energy!

Please sign this petition asking One Protest (and their front group: Let Live) to develop a more mature and progressive protest focus. We appreciate their campaigns to address exotic trophy hunting and industrial animal abuse and we are calling on them to stop harassing Wild Abundance and instead redirect their resources to a more serious cause like Black Lives Matter, the Standing Rock Resistance to the DAPL, or one of the many great campaigns to Stop Factory Farming or Climate Change!


Please contact them and let them know that their harassment needs to stop! 

Thanks!    -Wild Abundance Team


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