Mr.Madhu Sudan Padhi,(I.A.S),Commissioner & Secretary,State Transport Authority .Odisha.

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India is the only country where such advertising of ' Use Horn' 'Blow Horn' etc are commonly used . We are not advised 'not to blow horn' and many use it as a habit or fashion . Now a days it is a habit to blow horn even when it is not required at all. When the shrill horn irritates u in the traffic intersection or congestion, it also equally irritates others when u blow a horn when it is not required.

As Bhubaneswar is expanding in all direction,the movement of vehicles and two wheeler have increased by many fold.Besides the local many outsiders visit this city day in and day out and create serious nuisance.Though this has been a law,the effective implementation by the agencies and ignorance about the same has made our miserable.