One nation One Education system(Elementary and Secondary)

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Equality only be expected when equal felicities and opportunities are being provided.

One nation One education system: Indian Elementary and secondary Education system needs uniformity in terms of Curriculum,type of schooling and teaching methodologies.Ex-Curriculum-CBSE,ICSE,State Boards etc, Schools-Central and State, Private,and Government-Aided and Un-Aided.  Methods of teaching, teacher qualification and Infrastructure etc, varies.

 it is leading to the social in justice and unequal atmosphere in the society.  Unless to create such education system where every child of this country learns in equal pattern with giving due respect to the co- learner, the democratic attitude cannot be developed.  

In democratic country, considering every individual as important entity and providing equal opportunities to all is the basic principle. it is a right time to uplift the morale of every learner by providing ample and equal opportunities for development of "ONE NATION ONE EDUCATION SYSTEM"

equality among learners will bring patriotism and in-turn bring the bright future for this country.