Fight against One music Australia fees for Independent Zumba Fitness Instructors

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At this time if you are an Independant Zumba Fitness Instructor trying to make a difference to the physical health and mental health of Australians you are being charged huge fees to play music in your classes. If you were to run 5 classes a week with over 10 people for 52 weeks your fees would be $1406 per year, added to that you need to pay a digital transfer fee of $400 to transfer your music from Itunes/spotify to your device. That's also on top of your liability insurance, your business registration, your hall hire and for Zumba Instructors your Zumba fees yearly which in Australia total $533 a year. A total of at least $3000 worth of fees not including your hire space!! Something needs to change if we are to get Aussies moving and losing our Independent Zumba Fitness Instructors in the Community is not going to help..... Please sign and support this movement against such huge fees