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One Million Signatures for Expanding AmeriCorps Starts in Miami


The problem: unemployment and underemployment rates amongst young Americans are the highest they've ever been since World War II -- 46%. Yet over the past two years, nearly 1 million AmeriCorps applications have been rejected because the program continues to get cut. We should not be turning away Americans who need a job and want to serve the country!

The opportunity: in Miami and across the U.S., there are over three million positions needed over the next decade to meet our social challenges in education, health, nonprofits, and more.

The answer is clear: now is the time create one million new national service positions by expanding programs like AmeriCorps. This will create jobs, tackle problems, and unite Americans.

AmeriCorps has a proven track record -- seven independent analyses verify the benefits outweigh the costs. Over its history, it has enjoyed bipartisan support, from John McCain and Orrin Hatch to Hilary Clinton and Barbara Mikulski. And most of all, AmeriCorps solves problems by getting young Americans to work in critical areas across Miami and the United States.

Now is the time to show President Obama, Governor Romney, and your Members of Congress that expanding AmeriCorps is good for this and future generations. Add your name to be one of the One Million Signatures for One Million Jobs.

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President of the United States
Our country needs tutors, mentors, teachers, disaster relief workers, park restoration, support in health clinics, and more. Yet 1 in 2 young Americans are currently jobless or underemployed.

Pledge to create one million new national service positions by expanding programs such as AmeriCorps and VISTA that enable young Americans to serve through organizations like City Year, Habitat for Humanity, Teach For America, and hundreds more.

This will put young people to work, tackle pressing challenges, and unite Americans in common purpose.