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Be removed from Facebook and recognized as a "hate speech".

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One Million Mom's is a hate group standing behind religion and values to attack homosexuality. They use their platform to urge harassment and make threats against homosexuals, and corporations and individuals who support homosexuals. Through Facebook they promote the hatred and intolerance of homosexuals which has been proven to foster hate-crimes against homosexuals. OMM continually browses Facebook and reports any individual or organization that takes issue with OMM and Facebook continually sides with OMM and silences the OMM opposition on Facebook. Facebook needs to know that if the hate speech of OMM is accepted then Facebook harassing and blocking individuals who oppose the OMM platform needs to cease. We call on Facebook to consider OMM's page as hate-speech, harassment, and encouraging others to threaten homosexuals and supporters of homosexuals. A clear violation of Facebook terms. Facebook, stop silencing individuals and organizations that oppose the hate-speech of OMM.

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