One Foresta Gangster Contractor

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Dear YB Jagdeep,

We are some of the homeowners of One Foresta Condominium by Ideal Property Group located at Lengkuk Kelicap Bayan Lepas area. I’m sure you are familiar with the property as you were there recently to tour the property and for the key handover ceremony.

We have recently gotten keys to our new home and we are all very excited, as we’ve waited a few years to have our very own home.

We have been saving-up our hard-earned money so that we can renovate our unit into a comfortable home for us to live in for many years to come.

However, we now seem to be facing the ‘gangster contractor’ issue. This is an issue that has been going on in Penang for many years now. There were a couple of news article in year

2013/2014 regarding this issue where YB yourself seemed to have vouched that this issue will be addressed. Its 2019, even our Federal Government has changed, but here we are still facing the same issue. contractors-face-ban-penang-says/643075

I think there’s no need for us to get into the details because I believe YB should be all familiar with how these gangster contractors operates.

However, there are 2 things that we wish to highlight here:

1) Ideal Property Group informed us that they have appointed this particular contractor to handle renovation waste and told us to go deal and negotiate directly with the contractor.

While we agree that it is fair for us to pay a fee to a contractor to manage our renovation waste, all rates are verbally agreed with no written confirmation, so we are very worried that when time comes, they will ask for more. We tried to get Ideal and the contractor to be transparent and work on a rate card to avoid any argument later on, but none of them were willing to do so.

2) The contractor that has an office stationed at our property premise told many of us that we MUST let them do all wall/floor hacking jobs, as well as purchase sand and cement from them.

Now, you might say we can ignore the contractor as it is against the law, but I think you should know by now it is not as simple as that. What will happen when our contractor comes to do the job? Will the gangster contractor come and create disturbance? Or if we make police report against them, how soon will the police take action? Will they put a mark on us and act violently against us and our home later on? This is a serious safety issue. We really are worried for ourselves and our properties.

And then you might say, how we know if they will actually act violently. Yes, we don’t know for sure, but if we don’t get any assurance on protection now, by the time it happened, it will be too late. Time would have been wasted trying to negotiate our way through with them, or our properties might have been damaged. These will be too costly for us to bear. After all, prevention is better than cure, right?

This issue has been going on for so many years. Is there really no justice and protection for the people of Penang at all?

What actually are your plans to tackle this issue? Already Penang property prices are some of the highest in the country, and we still have to deal with gangster contractors. When will the politicians actually serve the people?

We really appreciate your intervention on this issue as soon as possible. Some of us are currently renting a place and all we want is to move in to our own place as soon as possible as we are already servicing our loan to the bank.

We hope we will not get another ‘we will look into this matter’ kind of reply and continue to be in the dark, not knowing when and how your office intend to act on this. We hope to hear from you soon.

Many thanks in advance.


Homeowners of One Foresta, frustrated citizens of Penang.

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