One family one reservation

One family one reservation

7 November 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Rahul Singh

One Family, One Reservation

I have seen a lot of examples in the society and many times in my own relatives where the elder generation  works as government employees and kids too work in governmental departments, all thanks to Reservation, sometimes it's the entire family working in the same Departmental sectors as well.

How is this not a misapplication of the Reservation?

If begetters have already benefited from Reservation, then why are kids using it? Are they even oppressed?? 
Many times they are not..

If the whole idea of Reservation is upliftment, then shouldn’t it be restricted to only one generation of SC/ST families ?

The rights given under the reservation policy should be curtailed after its benefits are used by one generation of a family. Accordingly, families in which one generation has benefited from the reservation policy should relinquish their right and not pass it onto their off-springs

This will eventually benefit those who are actually destitute and are in need of it and will also reduce the percentage of reservation. 

If govt. cannot abolish the Reservation altogether, then there has to be some more 
limits to this idea of Reservation.

It's unfair for the forthcoming  younger generation to live in a country where they do not get a fair chance to compete even when they are capable of it.

the policy should also be amended to provide reservation in jobs and seats in educational institutions -- but not beyond one generation of a family

If we want Real Development in India - Reservations have got to go. 

And One Family, One Reservation should be the first step.

"People who deserve are not benefiting, and those who have benefited are forming a creamy layer on top,"

Please use this hashtag if you support this. Every large movement starts with a single step. 


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Signatures: 9Next Goal: 10
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