ONE FAMILY: »Law of the World« for our future!

ONE FAMILY: »Law of the World« for our future!

16. August 2022
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Kamala Harris (Attorney General) und
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Gestartet von Nick The Transformer


Update: October 15, 2022: Belarus` Alexander Lukaschenka states to be willed to support Putin, providing own troops to fight in amalgamation with Russian troops.

Update: October 10, 2022
: Russia attacked the city of Kiew, civils, mothers, brothers, grandparents, young people, were killed on the open streets at sunny weather, beginning their week in their lives. IF he does it to our innocent mates in Kiew, he will be willing to do it to all of us! Bombarding our mates, innocent people, families, children and kill them having nothing to do with military operations, whatsoever, means he`s attacking ALL of US as we are normal innocent citizens only wanting to live our fuckin deserved lifes gifted to us by this planet!!

Did you know?...

that we actually are ONE FAMILY? From a genealogy- and biology-wise perspective we are all one family with the same blood. Interesting, right? 

Now, arguments in a family are pretty normal, we know this! But is it still normal that we kill ourselves for literally nothing? That we poor ourselves down, reduce our population by intentions like money, power and narcism. This is like a family who actually have the ability to study books and develop itself with books (because we are living in the 21st century and know well how everything works, there are no rumors that the world is angry when it`s lighting at night) but who decides although to rather slash themselves instead of talking and finding a good outcome. 

For our old and so often used saying that we are "the by far best developed creature on this planet", and that "we are so intelligent, like no other species", we are acting pretty much the opposite. 

War and other by humen` hands invented things may have worked hundrets and thousands of years ago, might be, but TODAY!?? Come on!

Aren`t WE ALL hoping, wishing and praying every single night that the world we let our children and grandchildren live in will be a good one. One with peace, love and brain? How about STOPPING this.... and instead going to work!

I am just a "little" individual being 25 years old, not in the government, not a politician, but a dreamer with a great vision in my mind. My goal is a law, a book, some law that is created by, if not all of them, many countries in the world, that countries can relate to whenever there are conflicts menacing innocent people and animals. And on the other side, that countries and its governments have to follow, so they will not be able to start a war just like this. 
ENOUGH of this stupid unnecessary violence, that, in the end by the way, brings literally nothing! Even not for the one who starts the war out of power intentions. Everything he or she wins is a destroyed country, millions of dead people, and a smashed image in the rest of the world. So, doesn`t sound pretty worthy, does it?
Now, I understand that war and violence is a part of our race, history, eversince, since we walk ourselves straight through the lands, but NOT NOWADAYS ANYMORE. PLEASE!

My plan now is to show the government that there is a will to change. That people want the world to change that we live on. So, I decited to give you the opportunity to send your voice. And make this a project of us all, instead of just myself. One thought that came to my mind is that we already have this opportunity to talk to each other as several countries and make an agreemennt, called the G7, and this might be a possible (one of the) next step to go. 

Furthermore I also want to bring out a book that should portrait and show the absurdity of the past wars on top, and developing a really good concept of such a law, but for now I think "Why not start the petition NOW!" Why waiting. Waiting for another 500 people to die every single day that I longer wait, while those absurdities continue. 

It`s no longer a thing of one or two, three countries that started a war, a war - you can perfectly observe this at the moment - is affecting the whole whole world, every single country, on every possible level, because we are so dependent and networked to each other. If there is a war, WE all have to suffer under it!

Now, it is important to do this step. The very first one. Showing all the responsible people up there that we ARE interested in such a work of change. This is so important in order to create a certain pressure, guys. 
So I encourage you and ask you to leave your voice, not only for ourselves but especially for our next generations, your kids and their kids, that we want this!

Are you with me? Let`s do this together! Let us make history! Wherever you come from or living, this is a world`s thing! Leave your voice here, and if we stand together united and collect enough voices, we`ll be able to make our dreams and our prayers come true!

Let`s start the change! THANK YOU!

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