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ONE Education Board in India for Schooling #NoDiscriminationInEducation

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                 Education is not the amount of information that we put into your brain and runs riot there, undigested, all your life. We must have life building, man making, character making assimilation of ideas.        - Swami Vivekanand

We are a Country of Diversity, with 22 official languages and 1,652 different Languages being spoken country wide which is comprised of 29 States and 7 Union Territories, Which is home to 1.2 billion People following many Religions. We are a Country of very diverse and rich culture which is more than 5,000 Years Old. No Doubt We Celebrate this rich & diverse culture each & every day and want to maintain it.
                        The point here is while we want to maintain our culture we also don't want to be left behind in this ever progressing world. There is No doubt we have come very far in the field of education after independence in terms of reach and attainment of the population but Our education lacks quality. 
                         In any Country, Its children's education shouldn't be lackluster as their future is definitely the country's future.

In India, almost every state has its own education Board, and the administrative authorities are over the educational ministry of that respective state. The educational structure, paper pattern and even the syllabus is not the same. It varies from one state to another. Because of differences at the base level, it is practically impossible to compare the results of two different state boards. It becomes difficult especially during admission to any centralized institution. Many times, their syllabus is not in line with the expected standards. The quality of Education varies greatly. While some states do very well and most very poorly It doesn't make any sense to have this much education boards in the country with varying standards of education.

Whatever advantages this system has the flaws certainly overshadows them. Some of the Private companies while recruiting completely turns away Candidates who have attended Schools which comes under State Boards. while the other Companies prefer Internation boards and CBSE student over any Candidate of State Board. Same goes for Higher Education. While the Quality of education is Generally a tad better in CBSE and International boards, Their reach and capacity are very very low. On the other had generally The State Boards lack overall standard and quality of education.

At the Time of Writing India has more than 50 Boards of Education. This is Completely Unnecessary. All the underperforming Boards & State Boards should be completely abolished and Schools coming under them should be upgraded to a Central or International board. Doing this would be in the better interest of our country and to our children's future as in present the country lacks far behind in comparison to other countries. (According to Legatum Prosperity Index India ranks 92 out of 145 countries surveyed)

For India, this is very embarrassing being the 8th largest economy while lagging that much in education. Our current Education System Filters CBSE Students and Genius Students and Directs them to Top Colleges and prospering career Which is very bad and fails the purpose of education. Education Should Make Skillful Peoples Not filter prodigies. listing All the Advantages of a single board system would take a Fortnight but the most common argument in support of State Boards are

  1. It provides education in The mother tongue of its state.
  2. They are cheaper
  3. Not Heavy on Syllabus
  4. Preserves culture of a state by providing subjects related to that. etc.

Every Argument can be taken care of in CBSE and International Boards as well. School fees can be lowered, as well as specific Subjects related to a particular state can also be included As CBSE currently have subjects of many regional languages. 

I Request every citizen to sign this petition if they support my proposal and want to improve India's education system.

Thank You        

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