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1D to stay solo

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On December 13, 2015, One Direction went on an official "indefinite hiatus" Since the break, all 4 members (not including Zayn) have released solo music, all generes being significantly different. Much like other artists, during One Direction all 5 members had their restrictions placed onto them by their management. Liam Payne's first single, "Strip That Down" had some lyrics that raised a couple brows but which he then further explained. The lyrics "I used to be in 1D, now I'm free" means as quoted by Liam, "Harrys getting to wear bell-bottom trousers, he didn't do that in One Direction because there wasn't the sense of freedom to do so." Harry not being able to wear the bell bottom trousers that he now wears to almost every appearance (and rocks) wasn't the only trouble that he faced. Harry Styles was also forbid from wearing nail polish, which he now has done publicly after the break and some sources say he was forced to remove lipstick before going on Jimmy Kimmel in 2015. Ironically, tattoos were also a no in the management world but Zayn Malik disobeyed leading the rest of the members except for Niall Horan to rebel and get some ink. Another restriction that Zayn mentioned included dying his hair and growing a beard to suit younger audiences. After the split and the releases of all of the boys' solo music showed the different musical tastes between the past members. It's quite evident that the members had musical limitations as well. Example such as some getting more solos than others, certain instruments not being added in songs, and explicit lyrics being removed to please younger audiences. As solo artists, all of the boys have released quality music and look much happier while simultaneously topping the billboard charts. Harry Styles Grammy buzz is going around and both him and Niall Horan have announced tours. Liam is getting attention as a solo artist and Louis is about to release a new single soon. If One Direction gets back together their music won't be 100% work of each member and they won't be as happy as they are now as solo artists.

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