Over 100 babies died in hot cars over the past 2 years. Stop the epidemic! #hotcarskill

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I am mom to two young children and am deeply saddened by the epidemic of hot car deaths.  A record 54 children died in hot cars last year in the US alone.  This year, we are up to 53 deaths of children.  And, this doesn't even account for the number of near misses happening every day in cities around the world.

While public awareness about hot car deaths is at an all-time high, so is the number of children dying in hot cars. This continues to happen because nobody believes it can happen to them.  Because we don’t believe it can happen to us, we don’t buy fancy apps or gadgets to prevent it and we don’t take preventative tactics within our own routines.  

We need to solve this with the one thing that every family has with them in their car with their children, the child car seat.  There should be a standard feature in all child car seats to alert the driver of a child in the car seat.  This is simple technology that exists today.

SIGN, SHARE, and PROMOTE this petition to ask that child car seat manufacturers include an alert, to check the back seat for a child, as a standard safety feature to prevent hot car deaths.  Let’s save lives and prevent this unimaginable tragedy to families.

  • There is no need to invent anything new to solve this problem.  The technology exists today.  Just look at the Evenflo SensorSafe alert feature for an example.
  • We may need a regulation to require companies to step up and do the right thing. In fact, Italy just made it law to require an alert in every child car seat.
  • This is not about who to blame or taking away accountability, but rather saving precious lives.