One Billion Rising: Get behind 5WCW (UN 5th World Conference on Women)

I have written a poetic memoir called "The Blooming of the Lotus: a spiritual journey from trauma into light." It is about the process of healing from the brutal incest, violence, and torture of my childhood. A story of hope and victory, it is a resource for incest/sexual abuse survivors and for all those professionals who impact their lives.

I have started an organization called Blooming of the Lotus, LLC, in order to seek funding to be able to send a copy of this book to every women's shelter/center in the US and in order to help have this book be in every survivor's hands globally.

I fully believe in women convening all over to world, receiving global attention to inform and teach both men and women about what incest/sexual abuse does to a survivor's life. I intend to keep informing non-survivors in the hopes of effecting change so that in time this cycle of abuse will stop.

Women's voices are so important. We are the ones who can stop war, stop the killing of dolphins needlessly, stop all indignity to human beings all over the world. We are the ones with the compassion to do so and the knowledge of what it means to have our sons and daughters needlessly killed in wars.

Robin Brooks, Colrain, MA, United States
7 years ago
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