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Peter Ho to release the gold certificate 170,500 MT of gold per instructions of Bretton Woods Institutions & Wolfgang Struck authorized signatory to Global Debt Facility.

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The Federal Reserve dollar is losing it's status as International reserve Currency and about to collapse! The U.S. military's strength is weakening and the economy is failing due to a weak Federal Reserve dollar backed by "Thin Air!" Uncut U.S. Treasury dollars printed by President John F. Kennedy, before his assassination are currently sitting in a vault ready to be placed in circulation! President Kennedy intended to back the new U.S. Treasury dollars with gold! Eliminating the unconstitutional U.S. Federal Reserve notes, and replace with honest money. Terminate the private company who has been eradicating the U.S. economy, the U.S. businesses, and the freedoms of the United States Taxpayers for the past 100 years! Due to Quantitative Easing(Q.E.) the U.S. Federal Reserve policy, the dollar will crash! Taking the U.S. economy with it!  Escalating the currency war with Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa and the rest of the world! The 170,500 metric tonnes of gold are ready to mint into U.S. dollars! All the U.S. Taxpayers need to do is to require, Bank of Hawaii President Peter Ho to release and honor the instructions of the Authorized  Signatory, to release the Certificate of Gold Deposit to the U.S. Mint! Bank of Hawaii Chairman, President, CEO, Board member of San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank Peter Ho refuses to prevent permanent Gold Backwardation, the destruction of the United States economy, eliminate the United States debt, and abolish the interest on every dollar printed! Prevent the coming Dark Age!!!! Create the Renaissance of the United States of America today!!! "Sign the petition!!!!"

Author: Brett Canyon Hersom

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