Oust Mayor Craig - NOW

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We must start at the top! Oust Mayor Craig now and let’s get focused on the health of our city. Drugs are rampant, drug addicts are everywhere in the core, used needles are in playgrounds and rivers, addicts are starting to use random residential backyards, crime is rising, parks are being taken away from our children, our property values are plummeting, panhandlers are on every corner...we have to get this under control.  

Mayor Craig has watched this go down and grow expedentially for years. So focused on a Rec Centre. Residents are getting the hell out of Dodge by the hundreds, all the while trying to get what they can for their property before it goes even lower. Which I might add, with this Mayor, it is quite likely as nothing is being done. Close Bridges, it is not operating like it was intended, sell it to a private corporation and let them repurpose it. 

We have to get this city in the hands of someone who will make change and change for the good now.