Okalongo Settlement Needs New Management and Increment of Budget Allocation

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Okalongo Settlement has been on a slow pace of development ever since independence. The settlement has been labelled by the Omusati Regional Council as "incompetent to sustain itself financially" hence little budget allocations has been made to Okalongo. Despite being home to thousands of settlers, no efforts have been made to upgrade the status of settlement. The settlement office in Okalongo is incompetent and not effective. There are murmurs of double selling of plots to different people. There are no clean demarcations of plots. Those that bought plots they have been told to hold the building as the town plan is still to be approved. A peaceful demonstration was made but it was in vain. A clear indication of hindrance to the development.

The regional council has turned a blind eye to Okalongo. Basic services and amenities are lacking. This in return holds off potential investors. Locals are buying houses in other towns because Okalongo is failing to provide its people with basic home needs. 

Some houses (village houses) have been paid off to clear land and stop cultivating as apparently to make way for the town development but nothing so far and it will almost be a decade since they were moved.

If the current settlement officials cannot do the job to uplift Okalongo, they should pave way for people who have to settlement at heart. Our settlement is a shame. Our voice needs to be heard. 

The Omusati Regional Council should cease the say that Okalongo cannot sustain itself financially. Every town we have in the country was once a settlement. 

We need also new personnel to head the settlement office in Okalongo. The current one has a lot of accusations surrounding him even from his previous workplace. We do not need people who do not care for our settlement but only self-enrichment. 

Demarcate and plan the whole settlement. We need to see Okalongo rising. 

These are my personal views. Whoever feels the same way, lets rise together and help the whole Okalongo rise. Email me your concerns at



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