Li's Syndrome: sign the petition if you want to name covid-19 in memory of Li Wenliang, MD

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At the beginning of December 2019 doctor Li Wenliang discovered, in some of his patience, a new unknown disease. The warning was certainly understimated by the scientists, not prepared to accept a new pandemic. Only few weeks later, when the spread of the virus became alarming, the scientists realized that the doctor Li Wenliang's discovery was valid and it could have had an enormous impact on the spread of the disease. Unfortunately on February 7th 2020, the young doctor Li Wenliang died at the age of 34, because of a coronavirus infection and because of the effort to help his patiences infected by the coronavirus. My request, as a final-year student in Medicine, is to honor his memory and to remeber his efforts entitiling this new syndrome after him: "Li's Syndrome". This will make it easily understandable to all the people (especially to the outsiders) and moreover it will help to the identification of the disease.