Scotiabank Treats Peoples Accounts Like Their Personal Piggybank

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I have been with Scotiabank for over 30 plus years. Right now I have a checking account, a joint account with my elderly mother, and a Line of Credit. I am the primary caregiver for my mother who has multiple health issues diabetes, heart issues, and dementia. On top of looking after my mother I am dealing with my own health issues as well. 

Prior to my mother coming to live with me which was necessity in order to save her life I was the victim of an assault in May 2016. The assault left me with a concussion and trauma. I just underwent a microdiscectomy on my back about a month ago. 

Since the assault I have been having my disability insurance covering the payments on my line of credit. Do to limited monies coming into the household I had to live off my line of credit which kept the limit high. What did not help was that charges would go through days before payments were issued by insurance which accumulated more interest for Scotiabank but did not help my situation as the client. I tried getting this issue rectified and finally after the 2nd time I believe it is okay now. However while the account was influx Scotiabank on two occasions went into my bank account and withdrew funds to apply to my line of credit. If they had waited for the disability payments to go through the account issues would have been rectified on one occasion this meant waiting just another 24 hours. 

No the bank could not wait 24 hours for the account issues to be rectified that would be asking too much from them. Instead they went in and took money which was unauthorized. These actions caused issues for their client. I went to get gas and did not have the funds to pay for it because someone at Scotiabank took money from account and applied to my line of credit. When the disability payments went through there was $200 (the amount that they took from my bank account) available for me to use but at a cost for borrowing it (interest). If it had stayed in my account were it belonged there would not be a cost of use associated with these funds. 

It is time to put in policies that protect the client from bank and not the other way around. We need to send a strong message to banks that when you go into an account without authorization it is a form of stealing and such actions should have consequences. It is time that they truly see that without the client there would be no bank. Help me send that message so that the policies that they hide behind can be changed. 

Feel free to send a message to Donna Simonsen at the President's Office for Scotiabank or 416 933 1700 or 877 700 0043.