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Omar, Make it Right!

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To Omar Khadr:

In 2002, while fighting with al-Qaeda at a compound in Afghanistan, you admitted that you threw a grenade that killed U.S Delta Force solider Sgt. Christopher Speer and injured Sgt. Layne Morris.

In 2015, Speers widow, Tabitha and Sgt. Layne Morris, filed a wrongful death and injury lawsuit against you and your family. Speers/Morris were granted a default judgement of $134.2 million U.S. in damages. The case was not contested by any member of your family.

On June 8, 2017 an application was filed with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice by a lawyer for Speer and Morris, requesting an emergency injunction to stop the Canadian government from giving you the reported $10.5 million settlement. Instead any money paid by the Canadian government to you would go to them.

On July 3, 2017 Canadian media reported that the Trudeau government was preparing to pay you $10.5 million in compensation to settle a decade old lawsuit you filed against the Canadian government.

There was no court order requiring payment and the government could have continued defending the claim for years to come. Yet strangely, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a political decision and expedited this secret payment to you in record time. And you quickly cashed the cheque. The speed of which this all transpired leaves many Canadians questioning the integrity and credibility of Justin Trudeau.

Canadians across the country are rightfully outraged.

Canadians value honesty, hard work and integrity. We accept responsibility for our actions and do our best to right the wrongs we’ve inflicted on others. We are forgiving when those who've done wrong show genuine remorse and own their actions.

We call on you Mr. Kahdr, if you are truly sorry for taking the life of Sgt. Speer and injuring Sgt. Morris, to direct the monies paid to you by the Trudeau government on July 6, 2017 to the widow of U.S. army Sgt. First Class Christopher Speer, Tabitha Speer and retired Sgt. Layne Morris.

Taking this action will demonstrate to Canadians across the country and around the world that you are indeed the new man you claim to be.

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