Justice for Kayla Bounds

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Kayla is on the far left of the picture, taken on homecoming.

On March 22, 2019 at around 7:30 am Kayla Bounds was taking a nap before school started. Not bothering anyone. Then a group of girls, who usually come to bother Kayla came by. According to Kayla these girls have been bullying her for months, but today it was worse. These girls came and put their backpacks on her head, Kayla asked them to stop but they continued. In fact, they sat on her body and on her head calling her "ugly" and "fat". Kayla Bounds does nothing to bother anyone, she sits in the library and takes naps, reads books, or is on her laptop. Kayla is different, and people don't like that, and these girls thought it was okay to attack her. This is a group of about 5 girls, all ganging up on one girl who has never done anything to hurt anyone. Kayla is kind, compassionate and funny and did not deserve what happened to her. No one does. But that isn't the worst part. Despite various student reports, these girls have been left off with nothing but a slap on the wrist. They were allowed to go about their usual daily routine, free of punishment for their actions. So far all the justice Kayla has received was a fake apology from her attackers. This is a school that claims to be zero tolerance when it comes to bullying, yet this event has been passed for minimal. District policy states that bullying is punishable by expulsion, and this is what we want. In all my years at Trimble Tech, never have I witnessed bullying to such a degree, and it astounds me that campus administrators have done next to nothing in response to Kayla's attack. This petition is to bring justice to Kayla Bounds. 

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