Upgrade to High Security EVMs or Go Back to Using Ballot Paper

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Mr. Sunil Arora
Chief Election Commissioner
Election Commission of India

Upgrade To High Security EVMs or Go Back to Using Ballot Paper

We have lost faith in EVMs. They can be easily hacked, pre-programmed, re-programmed & manipulated.

Please either upgrade EVMs to high security EVMs after putting them through rigorous testing by the best people in the IT industry, including ethical hackers, or go back to using ballot paper.

इलेक्ट्रॉनिक वोटिंग मशीन (ईवीएम) से हमारा भरोसा खत्म हो गया है, विश्वास उठ गया है। इन में बड़ी आसानी से छेड़छाड़ की जा सकती है।

An EVM can be hacked and its stored data can be modified. EVMs can also be pre-programmed to store data in a certain manner by assigning all the votes to one particular party/candidate. On the other hand, once a vote has been stamped on the ballot paper, it cannot be changed. There can only be some error in counting, which can be minimised or completely eliminated by recounting.

Nobody can tell what has been stored inside an EVM. Hence, they are unreliable.


Modified #VVPAT Version (as explained below)

The VVPAT slips should be printed using laser printers instead of thermal printing.

Only physical counting of VVPATs slips should be done to find the election results. Yes, this is time consuming but this is the only reliable solution because the digitally stored information on traditional EVMs can be manipulated.

The voter should press the button next to the candidate of his/her choice on the EVM and the VVPAT would print the slip.

Before the VVPAT slip drops into the storage box, there should be an additional button, which the voter would press to confirm that the slip has been printed the same details of the candidate of his/her choice. Upon confirmation, the slip would drop into the storage container.

To speed up counting, QR Codes should be printed on the VVPAT slips which can be quickly counted correctly using digital scanners. This will avoid any willful or unintended error in counting.

Moreover, the QR Code as mentioned above, should be scanned by the VVPAT machine and would display the candidate details on a digital screen on the VVPAT for the voter to verify.

Care has to be taken that no manipulation can be done in the VVPAT software so that while printing the candidate details on the slip, a different QR code (of some other candidate) does not get printed on the slip.

1) Print VVPAT slips using laser printer.
2) Print QR code also on slips.
3) No EVM counting.
4) Use industrial scanners to read & count slips. - These can count thousands of votes within seconds.


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