Clean Up Downtown OLYMPIA Now

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Downtown Olympia has been deteriorating quickly. Businesses are closing left and right. Many citizens of Olympia don’t feel safe shopping or even driving downtown. While we understand the need to help those who truly want help, the current solution of allowing homeless camps in a vacant City of Olympia parking lot is not acceptable. There is garbage, human waste, needles etc. littering our streets, not to mention safety issues that have arose. People are being harassed both physically and verbally.  

The issues that are happening at the encampment are draining emergency resources. Fire/ems and police are consistently responding to calls there. Those calls are taking away from other citizens in the city who need emergency services. Our first responders are stretched too thin. 

Our once beautiful downtown OLYMPIA is filthy. We demand the City of Olympia take action immediately and come up with sustainable solutions that will benefit the citizens AND help those in need within reason and within the law.

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