Olmsted and Vaux - Historic View Threatened

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Building 6 in Atlantic Yards, at 219' will eclipse the visual corridor that Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux planned more than 150 years ago.  This view is a 5.25 mile work of ART created by our most civilizing forces.

The artists ceded control of Central Park to their detractors.  Then they created their own park --- the Brooklyn Park  ---  First they built the Plaza and defined its axis --- the essential element of this 'far view.' 

They created this view, a work-in-progress which would, at an appropriate time, evoke its history to share their concern of an emerging European-style wealth-based privileged class in America, the Point-Zero-One Percent.

We all have benefited from their parks.  We should trust their intentions and respect their art, and consider signing this petition to preserve the artists' beautiful and historic visual corridor.

#brooklynmirador  for more images

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