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Give Henry Cavill a Superman sequel #CAVILLMVP

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While Justice League may have been divisive, most DC fans agree on one factor: Henry Cavill was the best thing about the film.

There have been unpleasant rumors that Warner Brothers may have a knee-jerk reaction to the underwhelming JL response by rebooting the franchise altogether. A few bloggers have raised concerns that as Henry Cavill is the “face of the DCEU”, WB may consider dropping him as Superman – or, at the very least, not giving him the solo Superman sequel fans have been hoping for since 2013.

For fans and the general audiences who saw this movie, Cavill's portrayal as a fully formed Superman was one of the main highlights. Most critics complained that he was given too little screen time (the same complaint as BvS), and an overwhelming majority of fans feel that Cavill’s Superman has been shortchanged on several occasions now.

Instead of the Man of Steel sequel most wanted in 2013, which would develop Superman’s character and see him evolve into the ‘classic’ Superman, WB rushed into the Batman-centric BvS. Superman was given few opportunities to actually ‘BE’ Superman, let alone display the charm he is beloved for – charm Cavill himself possesses in abundance. In Justice League, Superman didn’t even appear until the last half and was missing from the marketing.

Any criticism of Cavill’s Superman has not centred on his portrayal, but rather the Superman he was mandated to play – a vision that came from Zack Snyder and WB. Warner Brothers may not have fully grasped how to execute a winning DCEU formula yet, but to have Henry Cavill be a potential casualty of their own mistakes would be a travesty, and a major loss to fans worldwide. Cavill IS Superman, and we want to see more!

As DC fans, we urge WB to listen and learn from their mistakes. As of late November, JL is nearing half a billion worldwide – this is in spite of poor critic reviews and the disastrous ramifications of BvS. The appetite for DC movies is there – but only when they are done well and the superheroes are not short changed.

An uplifting, hopeful, character-driven Superman sequel is what the fans deserve, is what Cavill deserves, and is what Superman deserves.

We urge everyone who enjoys Cavill as Superman to unite and sign the petition to voice our support. Cavill has been nothing but positive and professional, and should get the opportunity to play Superman again in a sequel that will inspire people around the world. Save our Superman! #CAVILLMVP

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