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Refrain from stocking and selling foie gras

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Foie gras is produced by force-feeding grain to ducks and geese through a feeding tube until their livers are engorged and the birds suffer from a condition called hepatic lipidosis. The force-feeding results in severely swollen livers which can, in turn, lead to impaired liver function, expansion of the abdomen and respiratory difficulty, scarring of the esophagus, and death from infection. Many countries in the EU and beyond have banned this cruel practice, and several have forbidden sale of the product. Nigella Lawson, Albert Roux, and many other well known figures in the world of fine food have spoken out against the practice, suggesting more humane alternative processes which do not depend upon force-feeding.

Olives, one of Oxford's most popular delis, stocks foie gras, thereby supporting the industry. If small businesses like Olives take a stand against this barbaric practice, it can be changed. And this petition can raise the issue with the managers of Olives and help to start that change. 

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