Remove Cole McCulloch as NRA Competitive Shooting Director

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It is the opinion of many in the shooting sports that Cole McCulloch does not represent the values that the NRA stands for and expects of its members, board, directors, and executives.  He is the owner and founder of Peacemaker National National Training Center in Glengary, WV which appears to be a clear conflict of interest as he is in a position to potentially further his own personal interests over those of the NRA.  Through his dealings with other local ranges, he has alienated a great many competitive shooters in the WV, VA, MD, and PA region who no longer care to associate with Peacemaker and Mr. McCulloch.  As he is known to be the director of the NRA Competitive Shooting Program, his actions become associated with the NRA.  The NRA should investigate his actions and reputation and, finding cause, immediately cut ties with Mr. McCulloch and find someone to replace him that better represents the organization.