Remove the lockdown BAN on Metal Detecting private land in England

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This petition has been started as a last resort and on behalf of the metal detecting community. We believe there has been some error with the guidelines set out on the 5th November by Minister, Oliver Dowden MBE, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.

It states that metal detecting is not allowed on private land, but is allowed on council land as in parks parks and beaches? This makes no sense as it is virtually impossible to get permission to detect on council land, such as council parks and beaches are already full of walkers taking exercise, children and other members of the public, whereas private land is usually miles away from anyone and is very solitary and safe?

Metal detecting for many is linked with mental health. There are large groups of ex veterans with PTSD who use metal detecting as therapy, many who suffer from anxiety and depression, many Autistic people and others such as myself who are teachers and NHS staff, who need to stand in a field alone at weekends to mentally unwind from the stress and anxiety we undergo throughout the week during this very stressful time.

It is especially tough knowing that all other solitary outdoor activities such as fishing, shooting, golf, cycling, walking, horse riding are still allowed, yet metal detecting is not? It is hard going to work each day, teaching classrooms full of teenagers knowing I and others like me, are not deemed to be safe to stand in a field on our own at weekends.

I receive letters and messages from people constantly telling me how metal detecting has saved their lives from suicide and depression. To the outside world, we probably appear to be a set of strange loner hobbyists, but to us it’s a source of meditation and mental freedom from the worlds stresses.

Please could you ask for this guidance on metal detecting be changed to the way I’m assuming it should have been written, No metal detecting on council/public land, but metal detecting allowed on private land as long as you are on your own (with landowners permission)

And if its not changed, at least tell us why the decision was made to ban metal detecting on private land with permission, because as a community we are completely confused and frustrated by this seemingly strange rule. We are aware this may not be the last time we as a country have to go through a lockdown and would like any changes be made for the future.

Metal detecting is one of the safest and most solitary hobbies there is. It incorporates taking daily exercise and provides mental relief for many of thousands of people across the UK.