More recycling bins in Wellington

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Wellington prides itself is being clean and green, but is it really?

A common sight in the Wellington city is paper being walked into the ground, plastic bags in the air and smashed glass bottles down alleys. All this rubbish around doesn’t only affect the city and its people but being so close to the sea it also affects the sea life.

I have decided to investigate and in turn increase the amount of recycling stations in the Wellington City. I want Wellington to have a number of bright colourful bins placed around the city centre in places where people most commonly leave their litter, such as the Civic Square and down Lambton Quay. Introducing the practise of recycling will influence the way people dispose of their rubbish when at home or in the bush, for example. If we don’t do something soon the hidden problem of rubbish around the city and in the surrounding sea it will escalate out of control.



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